Saraswati Vidya Mandir

Arya Nagar (North) Gorakhpur

Saraswati Vidya Mandir(English Medium Playway to 12th):Our Peculiarities

  • 1. Teacher – Teacher is the main organ of education. He/She is known as “acharya” in vidya mandir.Here are well qualified and disciplined teachers.
  • 2. Education – A special education system is adopted amongst the all educational systems. Its Basis is Indian culture and education. Post educational activities are also organized.
  • 3. Sanskar Bharti – to Inspire the feeling of responsibility “Sanskar Bharti” constituted.To establishes library, reading room etc. This institution organizes several. Programmers such as songs, Poems and act of giving prize and rewards.
  • 4. Saraswati Yatra – To enhance the level of general Knowledge, in nearest districts a trip is made.
  • 5. Desh Darshan Yatra - To study historical and culture places this tour is made.
  • 6. Library – There are several books, related to course, books related to religion, books related to great men and other reference books. Students can obtain any book registration their names in library register.
  • 7. Magazine- yearly magazine “Jagriti is published every year. Students can acquire knowledge Form it.
  • 8. Uniformity – To follow the rule of equality, uniforms are applicable. There are separate attires of summer and winter both.
  • 9.
    • (A) Competition –relating to language, writing, speech, arts organized month ti month.
    • (B) Health competitions are also organized to develop physique.
  • 10. Prize scheme- several prize and rewards are provided to students, teacher, etc.. to encourage them.
  • 11. Parents Meeting – in every six month parents meeting is held. Guardians / parents can raise their problems. The institution tell its plans to the parents/Guardians. With joint thoughts the development of students is made.
  • 12. Annual Function- Annual Function and Saraswati Poojan is celebrated as cultural programme.
  • 13. Science Exhibition- Science Exhibition is organized every year.

Surendra Kumar Agrawal
Saraswati Vidya Mandir
Arya Nagar, Gorakhpur