Saraswati Vidya Mandir

Arya Nagar (North) Gorakhpur

Saraswati Vidya Mandir(English Medium Playway to 12th):Our Goal & Purpose

  • 1. Neat and clean building with all facilities.
  • 2. Teaching by well Qualified and Cultured Teachers.
  • 3. Moral Character is moulded in daily Routine player.
  • 4. Emphasis on functional education.
  • 5. Student parliament is also organized.
  • 6. For developing the feelings of responsibility, formulation of council of ministers of students.
  • 7. For practical knowledge “Sanskar Bharti” is constituted.
  • 8. Organization of camps and exhibition for developing social, geographical and religious knowledge.
  • 9. To organize social service camp for helpless and uneducated persons.
  • 10. To Conduct “Sanskriti gyan pariksha” for complete knowledge about motherland, culture religion, traditions and customs and great men.
  • 11. To provide proper platform for spiritual, scientific and physical & yoga training.
  • 12. Organization of parents – teachers meeting.
  • 13. Edition and publication of yearly magazine, “jagriti” to develop Intellect within students.
  • 14. Physical mental, professional, Spiritual, education system is applicable.
  • 15. Regular home work is provided.
  • 16. Care for complete development of student.
  • 17. Develop the character of students.
  • 18. Care for the principle – “ Health is better than wealth”
  • 19. Enhance all kind of wishes and rites to build the arts towards life and for rejoice.
  • 20. Build good contact, morality, social feeling and mutual co- operation.