Saraswati Vidya Mandir

Arya Nagar (North) Gorakhpur

Saraswati Vidya Mandir(English Medium Playway to 12th): About Vidya Mandir:

Before independence, National Heritage was under foreign influences. Indian Culture Had been uprooted. We attained freedom in 1947 to re-establish Indian system, after dedication and making only goal, to become free. Macaulay’s education system was imposed on nation. Being independent, the soul of mother India was confiscated in fetter of slavery. Being inspired by nation feelings, the great men started “Sarswati Shishu Mandirs” education planning. By which not only entire India but also whole word is obliged to this education system and national feelings. In this series ‘Vidya Mandir Shikshan Sansthan’ Arya Nagar North Gorakhpur is also engaged to contribute in mega nation building plan since 13 july1964.If the goal is clear of any person, society or nation, success automatically comes to such person / institution. Something is happening to Vidya Mandir Shikshan Sansthan Arya Nagar North Gorakhpur. The institution is accepting all the challenges of society due to love & affection has help.

Vidya Mandir Shikshan Sansthan, what attained for the society, returned back to the society as advocating about ‘economy’ from human being, there we are engaged to mould good character and regulated mind persons. Hither, we were feeling incapability to contribute in development due to insufficient means. But we feeling the grief of society. Your love and affection has made us capable to contribute in development of nation society.

At present time of girls, post graduate science and graduate commerce classes are running. From preceding 16 year exam result is 100% continuous.

Due to shortage space (campus), for boys there was education only till 8th standard. After passing out from 8Th boys went to other colleges. The guardians were demanding continue for 12th standard education. Now in new building high school and intermediate classes have been running for last 13 years. In boys inter college science and commerce classes are running. A standard level computer education is also providing. The main gate of boys inter college is towards Sonauli road. Now in new academic session England medium education will be started in play way and 6th, 9th and 11th classes on demand of guardians and due requirement of present education system.

At last school family obliges to all guardians and persons expressing good wishes for their affection and love.